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10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

Human have a knowledge about only a bit of piece of the oceans. But in addition to the famous sharks that we all know and fear, there are other really dangerous fish in all the oceans and rivers of the world. These fish are extremely dangerous not only with their appearance or thorns, but also with their aggressiveness and poison. Below we will see more in detail these 10 most dangerous fish species for humans.

10. Fangtooth (Fang)

This fish as also named as Ogrefish. BuFangtooth is not a totally dabgerous fish.  In fact, what makes it one of the most threatening fish of the Australian coast is just its scary aspect. Their teeth are very long in proportion to their body, which usually has a maximum length of 17 centimeters. Another fact is that this creature is one of the very deep living creatures.

9. Gulper Eel

This fish also is not a totally dangerous fish like Ogrefish. However, Gulper Eel is on to as part of this list of 10 most dangerous fish due to its appearance and also one of the 10 most terrible fish. It is a predator who can eat larger species than the size of his big chin.

8. Spotfin Lionfish (Lion Fish)

Spotfin Lionfish- lion fish is a fish which is especially dangerous for divers. It is found in the tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, especially in reefs where it is hiding during the day and hunting throughout the night. It can reach 40 centimeters and can reach up to 1200 grams. But what makes it part of the list of the 10 most dangerous fish is that it has a bag with a very toxic substance inside. When in contact with a person, it can cause inflammation, redness, bleeding, muscle aches, cardiovascular problems, and breathing problems. Spines of this species can cause a pain that lasts for several days, depending on the amount of poison taken.

7. Blowfish (Balloon Fish)

Another fish on the list of the 10 most dangerous fish is the popular Blowfish. This fish has developed the ability to inflate itself to defend against predators. So it floats very slowly and needs to consume a lot of food daily. It is usually found in tropical and subtropical waters, but also in fresh and brackish waters. Today we help them disappear because the rivers they live in are getting more and more dirty and their food is getting less and less. Balloon fish also has thorns in its body to defend itself against other species. This is a dangerous fish for humans and has a substance that can kill 30 people, whose thorns are 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide.

6. Viperfish (Viper Fish)

Viperfish live in generally to the most 2000 meter deeps of the sea. When sunlight does not enter the bottom of the sea, it uses bioluminescent organs to hunt. It is a dangerous fish and has a terrible appearance and has sharp teeth on its lower jaw. It is about 35 centimeters long, and scientists have now revealed that this species lives in a quarter of the oceans.

5. Stonefish (Stonefish)

Stone fish could not miss this list of the 10 most dangerous fish. Although it is a shy and little known fish, it has the title of being the most poisonous fish in the world. It lives in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, feeding on small fish and crustaceans. However, the main danger of this fish is that it is deadly due to the strong poison present here for those who come into direct contact with the thorns in their fins. When Stonefish is Camouflaged, it looks like a rock, becomes almost unrecognizable and can be stepped on by accident.

4. Anglerfish (Lantern Fish)

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

Anglerfish or Lantern Fish is one of 10 most dangerous fish of the world and one of the 10 ugliest fish. It live in deep side of the Atlantic and Antarctica waters. This fish’s main feature is it’s hunting style. Because it has a part of on it’s head seams like a peace of bait. This is an excellent trap for it’s huntings. Finally, despite being small, he has the ability to expand his chin and stomach to eat animals larger than him.

10 most dangerous fish 3. Barracuda

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

Barracuda is one of the deep sea carnivorous fish species. The main feature of these dangerous fishes is that they can attack their prey very quickly, and they can move their tails from 0 to 90 km / h. However, barracudas have a very hostile structure and can attack a person. They can grow up to 45 cm in length and are found in tropical seas, especially in the Caribbean Sea.

10 most dangerous fish Number 2 – Goliath Tigerfish (Tiger Fish )

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

Goliath Tigerfish – tiger fish, as its nickname suggests, is a wild and scary fish. This is the largest member of the extremely dangerous fish genus Tigerfish family. It differs in that it is more muscular with piranha and its chin resembles that of a crocodile. It can reach 75 kg in weight and grow up to about one and a half meters. Besides, although it is the Congo River Basin homeland, it can be found in many African rivers such as Lualaba and Zambezi. However, this fish does not lead the top 10 because, unlike Piranha, the Goliath tiger fish lives in deep water and may be more difficult to find.

10 most dangerous fish 1. Piranha

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the Sea

Piranha is at the top of the list of 10 most dangerous fish. This terrible and dangerous fish native to South America is known for its sharp teeth and strong jaws. Currently, there are between 40 and 60 species of piranha, and their length is about 25 cm. They live in fresh waters, especially in the South American rivers in Amazon, Ecuador, Bolivia, Orinoco, Venezuela and Colombia. This fish has been the subject of dozens of horror movies, and how these piranhas can harm people is exaggerated. Because about 300 Piranha are required to swallow a person who weighs 80 kg in 5 minutes.

Author: Nalan Kaya

Translator: Aysel GÖZEY

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