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9 Effective Ways to Strengthen the Immune System Against Corona Virus

9 Effective Ways to Strengthen the Immune System Against Corona Virus

We live together too long hours in the metropolises. This causes so many diseases. What can we do to strengthen the immune system with natural methods, while the coronavirus epidemic has started to appear especially in these days when we come to the last periods of winter. 

If you don’t want to take drug and say that it does not go over without drug but i cannot disturb my meetings, school or work; here are the most natural immune boosters .

For Strengthen the Immune System

1.      Sleep

 9 Effective Ways to Strengthen the Immune System Against Corona Virus

Life is so busy, there are work, spouse, children, lessons and joyments. You are right, 24 hours are not enough for us. But if we give needed sleep to our bodies, our resistance drops, we cannot fight microbes. Balanced and regular sleep not only keeps us fit physically, but also helps us to be healthy and happy spiritually.

2.      Water

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin su

Water is so important for healthy functioning of our life functions. So it has been referred to as the 22nd March World Water Day since 1993. It helps to us throwing the dangerous materials and toxins from our bodies. By the way increasing the blood volume, it ensures that our organs function properly. We should drink an average of 2 liters of water per day in direct proportion to our weight, height and daily movements.

3.      Yoghurt & Kefir

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin yoğurt kefir

It provides good and bad microorganism balance in the intestines with the probiotic it contains. It has been observed to reduce the risk and duration of respiratory infections. It protects the health of our body.

4.      Onion & Garlic

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin soğan sarımsak

We should never remove these two foods, which we know as natural antibiotics, especially in the winter months due to the sulfur they contain. It cleans the infections in the bowels, kills the microbes, increase the body resisdance. Especially; we recommend that you mix onion and honey and wait for one day and consume it.

5.      Ginger

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin zencefil

It has antioxidant feature. It strengthens our immune system before the disease, soothing and fever reducing during the disease. The most important feature is consumed against nausea.

6.      Spinach & Orange

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin c vitamini

Spinach and orange are the first remaining food when it comes to winter. They are powerful antioxidants with the vitamins A and C they contain.

7.      Sage for your immune system

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin adaçayı

Sage prevents inflammation in the throat.

8.      Echinacea

Bağışıklık Sistemini Güçlendirmek İçin ekinezya

Echinacea is soo effective in strengthening the immune system. It is used in the treatment of upper respiratory infections and cough drops.

9.      Protein for Your Immune System

immune system

You need to get protein for increasing cells of your immune system. So, we should consume egg, meat and white meat, pulse, cheese, milk, yoghurt and almond.

Author : Nalan KAYA

Translator : Aysel GÖZEY

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