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Artifical Intelligence Has Been Activated in Order to Stop The Coronavirüs

Artifical Intelligence Has Been Activated in Order to Stop The Coronavirüs

Scientists working at The Allen Institute for Artifical Institute for Artifical Intelligence in Seatle, has developed a new artifical intelligence,  called COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) to assist coronavirus studies. Artifical intelligence can lead to the discovery of corona virus therapy.

Coronavirus treatment or vaccine has not been found yet. But so many scientists worldwide are working to find the treatment or vaccine of Coronavirus. However, it can take a long time to evaluate all the analyzes. In this case one technology comes in mind; it is artifical intelligence.

New Artifical Intelligence For Coronavirus: CORD-19

Allen Artifical Intelligence Institute in USA has announced that a new artifical intelligence has developed to compendate for this time loss in Coronavirus researches . The COVID-19 Open Research Data Set (CORD-19) ‘s aim is named to enable researchers to analyze to previous analyzes and studies for Coronavirus in depth.

CORD-19 which has successfully overcome thousand of articles, will shorten the duration of scientific research. This means hope for vaccination and treatment. By the help of CORD-19 shorteing the analyses time so scientists will be able to access the information they need in a much shorter time. Thus, the vaccine development process which is said to take up to 1 year, may be shortened further.


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