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Best Places In Turkey To Visit

Best Places In Turkey To Visit
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Turkey is one of the best countries to tour around with lots of culture, history and nature. If you want to spend a holiday, you can think about visiting Turkey. Of course unfortunately not this year, but in the future, Turkey can be a very good choice for a holiday tour. The base for Turkish tourism needs to be more organised, but there are just so many places to visit, that even a year of visiting Turkey is not enough. Even a fortune and a human’s life may not be enough either. Turkey is very rich with its natural world, culture, history and cuisine.


The Capital City of Turkey

One of the most important cities that can be visited in Turkey, is of course the capital city, Ankara. Well, actually Ankara is the last capital city. Different cities became the capital city of Turkey in the past, but the last and least is Ankara. Ankara is an important place not only for the Turkish citizens, but also for tourists and foreigners living in Turkey, because it is the city where the first President of Turkey’s -Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK- body is buried, in Anıtkabir. Ankara also hosts the buildings of the old and new parliament of Turkey. There are many different places to visit in Ankara and mostly museums.

The Old Capital of Turkey 

The old capital and also the state that was won back from the Bizantine Empire is İstanbul. İstanbul is the biggest city in Turkey. İstanbul is full of history and nature, although it is also known for its cosmopolitan development. İstanbul is known to be half European and half Anatolian and also some Asian parts. Istanbul is the one and only international city in Turkey.

Visit Çanakkale If You Want To Feel Troy

Of course of the most important historical stories in the world is Troy. Old and new films have been taken until now. Troy and the Trojian Horse. Çanakkale is one of the most important cities that must be visited when Turkey is visited, because it is the city that hosts the biggest and most monuments. There are graves of thousands of soldiers from different places around the world. Çanakkale is a very important city and it has a lot of history living in it. Çanakkale is not only famous for its monuments and Troy, but also important and famous for its sea and cuisine.

Ephesus Is Another Historical and Natural City

There are just so many places to visit in Turkey. İzmir Ephesus is one of the over provinces. Ephesus has so many natural areas that can be visited. There are also very natural and authentic hotels and motels that you can stay in. The antic city of Ephesus is one of the most famous places that thousands and millions of tourists visit. Turkey it not only famous for its own history, but also famous because Turkey is a combination of a lot of the historical events around the world. Turkey does not only host its own history. The antic city of Ephesus is one of the European and Anatolian histories in Turkey. The cuisine is very important in the Aegean coast, especially olives and olive oil.

The Black Sea Is Another Area That Must Definitely Be Visited 

The Black Sea area is full of nature and sea. The mountains and the forests give life to the Black Sea area. There are many different historical areas that can be visited. There are many different cities around the Black Sea, like Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Zonguldak. These are very important cities around that Black Sea. The Black Sea is also very important for nut agriculture and tea leaves. Tea leaves and hazel nuts are very important around that Black Sea area. They are only able to be grown around the Black Sea.  The cuisine in the Black Sea area is also very famous. Not only fish dishes, but also dishes made with red cabbage and nuts.

Anatolia Is The World of History

If you are interested in the history of Turkey and the Anatolian history, the best area to visit is Anatolia and the east of Turkey. Anatolia is full of history. There are hundreds and thousands of sites in Anatolia that are still waiting to be discovered and hundreds that have been discovered. Of course Anatolia is not only famous for its history, but also for its cuisine and different cultural events. Anatolia is a very special area of Turkey. Most of the cuisines around Anatolia is generally known as different kinds of kebabs, which are just very juicy and delicious. As stated at the beginning of this essay, not only for Turkey, but one year is not enough to tour around Anatolia.

Cappadocia Is The Touristic State of The Far East

The most famous place in Turkey for the Far Eastern tourists, is most likely Cappadocia, a state in Anatolia, which goes alittle into the east. Cappadocia is an area that consists of Christian history as well as the İslamic history. Cappadocia is a very special area. The most important area visited are the open air museums and the Ihlara Valley. The nature tour in Cappadocia is one of the best tours that can be taken, especially for students and hiking lovers. Cappadocia is in a city called Nevşehir. It is a magical city that can be visited, if you vist Turkey.

Turkey is very rich with its history, because Turkey does not only host the history of itself, but also consists the world history. Many different civilizations lived in Anatolia and all around Turkey in the past. The cuisine in Turkey are tastes that must be tasted one way or the other. Once the food in Turkey is tasted, you will want to eat it again and again. There are different cultures in every corner of Turkey. Turkey is full of culture and history and most probably, one of the richest countries in the world with history and culture is Turkey.


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