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Cloning Dog Operation Has Been Succeeded in USA

Cloning Dog Operation Has Been Succeeded in USA

Cloning operation which has been in the news channels, in the recent days, has been operated on a dog. An American citizen couple has maked clonned their died dog who has been living with them for 12 years and was died suddenly. This clonned dog shows behaviors as the same as the other dog. Lets, analyze with together the clonning event which is the most popular issue in these days.

Cloning Dog Ziggy

A couple living in the United States decided to clone their dead dog. The couple, who agreed with the company named ViaGen Pets for the cloning process, cloned their dead dogs for 50 thousand dollars. The Labrador genus clone dog acts like a dying dog, plays with his toys, and also enjoys the same games. The couple, who paid 50 thousand dollars and approximately 310 thousand TL for the cloning process, announced that they are satisfied with the new clone dogs

Dog cloning is frequently done in the world. A South Korean company has managed to copy more than 1000 dogs on average for $ 100,000 to date. World-renowned names applied to the genetic engineering company, which has been successfully serving since 2006. It is not yet known whether the cloned dogs in question exhibit the same behavior or reflect the same mood.

Did You Remember The Cloning Lamb?

The sheep named Dolly, which was cloned as a result of the studies started in 1996, attracted attention at that time. Dolly lived actively from the time he was cloned until 2003. When we entered 2003, the sheep, who was only 7 years old, died suddenly. Scientists at the time announced that the sheep died due to the cloning process.

But the scientists explained in the following periods that the ship was not died because of the cloning operation. Due to natural reasons the ship’s dieing, caused to an extriemly sadness.

In the year of 1996, studies with the sheep cloning process provided scientists with very useful information. Thanks to the information of these study period, other animals can be cloned succesfully. It is a matter of curiosity how the cloning process expected to start in humans in the future will yield.

Author : Onur-Ekip5

Translator: Aysel GÖZEY

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