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Corona Virus Can Be Used in Mars Mission

Corona Virus Can Be Used in Mars Mission
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04 Mart 2020 - 2:35


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Corona virus, which spread from Wuhan city of China on December 31, 2019 and has led to die thousands of people all around the world, has continue to spread day by day, although all the governments’ precaution. Before last week, there has been talking about the virus and its’ spreading speed from a country to another one. But now, the Corona virus is on the agenda due to a different reason. Here are details.



The Virus May Be Used in Mars Project in 2020

As all the world know, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) office plans to send a new spacecraft to Mars which will take some soil from the Mars and will return to the world. But some of the scientists are consider to be dangerous bacteria in the Mars soil. Due to this reason, scientists can use Corona virus information for solving this problem.


The soil of the Mars will be able to transport to the world if the Corona virus information is analyzed detailed by the researchers. The world’s leading scientists aim to use information from the Corona virus in bacteria found on the planet Mars. If the plan works, soil can be brought from the planet Mars easily.


What is Corona Virus?

The Corona virus which is named as covid-19 is the newest epidemic virus which affects all the world in a short time and fast. The virus has an epidemic characteristic but it is not widespread like as bird flu or swine flu. It takes attention to itself with its spreading speed and causing to fast dies with the number of more than 80 thousand people died.

In response to this situation, the authorized institutions of all countries, especially the World Health Organization, started to carry out precautionary studies. Accordingly, many international events were canceled to unknown dates. Travel plans are delayed.

On the other side, the disease continues to spread from country to country, day by day which causes chaos in the world and disrupts people’s life patterns. While specialist researchers and geneticists are working for the treatment of the disease, the ways to prevent the disease continue to be explained with great speed.

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