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Google Presents Its Special Coronavirus Page Worldwide

Google Presents Its Special Coronavirus Page Worldwide

Google has made a special page available to the World. Aim of this page is fighting against Coronavirus. Here is the latest situation in the Coronavirus outbreak through Google’s eyes…

Because of Coronavirus pandemic getting worse all over the World, Google has launched new platform about the latest newes of Coronavirus. Google has ben working on this platform for some time.

When you searched for COVID-19, the special page that you will be oriented directly,  contains the latest information about Coronavirus. At this page you will find informations about;

  • What should be done against Coronavirus?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What are the ways of protection ?
  • In what direction are search trends , trending day after day?

Information such as the number of people affected by the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide and the number of people lost their lives due to this virus will be found on this page in the most current version.  Google emphasizes  that this special page about Coronavirus is prepared directly bin line with the information provided by the   authorized institutions and names including The World Health Organization (WHO).

The Coronavirus map prepared by Google is available at

Google is of course not alone in this regard. While many companies have been working on Coronavirus-map, Bing recently introduced the Coronavirus map in addition to the search engine…

In the coming days, we will report developments on this subject…

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  • Google, Özel 22Koronavirüs Sayfasını Tüm Dünyanın Kullanımına Sundu/ Hü / Özel /23. 03. 2020



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