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NASA Announced: A Giant Asteroid Will Pass Near the Earth

NASA Announced: A Giant Asteroid Will Pass Near the Earth

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NASA has recently announced that a giant asteroid will pass near the Earth. The object which is called as 1998 OR2 officially, will be near the Earth as like 6.29 million kilometers on April 29, 2020 and there is not any possibility of crashing our world.  Scientists have explained that life can end if objects larger than 1 kilometer crash our world. Although it will not crash our world, it is being watched by scientists continuously.

The object named 1998 OR2, which will pass near our world on April 29, 2020, is considered as a potential threat by experts Although it will pass near our world, the huge asteroid with a diameter of 4.1 kilometers continues to be followed by experts. Before 66 million years, a huge asteroid caused to a huge disaster by crashing our world and had exhausted the dinosaurs.  Let’s examine the asteroid that exhausted the generation of dinosaurs together.

Giant Meteorite Finishing the Generation of Dinosaurs

Before 65 million years ago, the meteorite that hit the Yucatan region in Mexico first brought the end of the dinosaurs. The object with diameter of 12 Km has crashed to the world with a speed of 20 km per second. The meteorite, which caused great destruction with the crash of the impact, created an average 180 km wide crater. Due to this impact, shifts occurred in the earth’s crust.

Due to the impact, 75 percent of the 75 percent of the living creatures in the world disappeared. Because of the event which is one of the biggest disasters in world history, most of the plants and trees are disappeared. The collision, which released 10 billion times more energy than the atomic bomb, which was thrown in the Second World War, brought climate change with it. Although a group of scientists explained the event as like this, there is another group who explains the event that a comet may have crashed.

NASA Has Explained the Event of 2013

The meteor that fell on Russia on February 15, 2013 which is caused hundreds of injuries. The object which has decreased on the atmosphere with the speed of 60 thousand km per hour, formed to a fire ball and exploded around the Chelyabinsk Oblast. Because of the shock waves which are caused by the explosion, so many glasses of work places and homes has broken. Due to this broken event, hundreds of people injured. Before 15 hours ago this event, an object which is named as 2012 DA12 has passed near the world. So many people connected this event with this object. However, NASA explained that these two asteroids has totally gone ahead and there was not any connection with this event with the object, named 2012 DA12.


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