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Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet on People

Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet on People
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Since the Internet entered the life of society, there have been many material and spiritual changes in society. Human relations have changed, the trust to the outside has decreased and the society has started to live their lives on the internet. It has become possible to make money on the internet, to provide spirituality on this system and to meet the need for socialization on the internet.The society has started to change faster than ever after the internet has been used. Instead of dealing with their environment, people began to be interested in people who were miles away, social environments became silent and interest in non-wifi businesses began to decline.


Positive Effects of Internet on People


  • Information began to spread faster and more reliably.
  • People began to bring products that were not found in their own cities to their own cities via the Internet.
  • Shopping made easy. People have the opportunity to compare many products at the same time, reaching the most affordable price.
  • The event, which took place at the other end of the world, was made visible to all countries at the same time. Information began to grow faster. People became aware of each other and the problems became easier to solve.
  • Technology and science began to move faster.
  • Money started to be made over the internet. People tirelessly found ways to make money.
  • Language learning made easy. People got rid of paying high moneys to learn something. Thanks to the free sites, different languages ​​were quickly learned.
  • Borders have disappeared and technology has become common to the whole world.


Negative Effects of the Internet on People


  • Social environments have quieted.
  • Going out on the street has become more dangerous. People became aware of each other’s crimes and crime rates increased.
  • The outside world is no longer interesting. Moreover, people stopped protecting the world and began to harm the environment.
  • People’s only concern is making money.
  • The peculiarities of other countries were taken as an example, and in those countries considered modern, they spread all over the world.
  • People started making money through marketing bad products.
  • The neighborhood was completely over, people stopped supporting each other. Besides, they became interested in each other’s only bad qualities.
  • Exposure to too much radiation has caused people to age rapidly. Cancer rates increased and mean life expectancy decreased.
  • People started to imitate each other. The perception of common beauty began to consist of aesthetics, surgery and weakness.
  • The children stopped playing in the streets. Their only entertainment became technology. Their imagination was limited and their brain development slowed down. The average level of intelligence declined, and people had to think for a long time to produce something new.
  • It’s hard to get fresh air. Harmful air was released everywhere. In addition, the trees were cut down. The population increased disproportionately.
  • People started living without going out. Obesity and consumption increased. Production is down. Spiritual values ​​almost disappeared.






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