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Scientists May Have Found A New Treatment For Diabetes

Scientists May Have Found A New Treatment For Diabetes

Scientists who continue their studies in the United States may have found solutions to diabetes as a result of their studies. Scientists from Washington University, has been hope for diabetes with the stem cell therapy. Scientists trying to find solutions to diabetes with stem cell transplants continue their tests. In the statements made recently, it was emphasized that the newly developed treatment has been tried and succeeded in mouse. In tests that will be tested on people in the near future, diabetes can disappear completely if success is achieved.

Symptoms of Diabetes Disease

In the recent studies, there are more than 11 million people with diabet desease. Diabets, one of the most common conditions today, can cause serious health problems when it is not treated. What are the symptoms of the desease which are common in these days? Lets take a look at the answer of this question. 

  • Excessive thirst
  • Rapid and sudden weight loss
  • Blurred or double vision problems
  • Burning,
  • Tingling under the feet
  • Late healing of wounds in the body
  • Frequent itching attacks
  • Wants to eat dessert is among the symptoms of diabetes.

Causes of the Diabete Disease

More than 11 million people struggle with diabetes in our country. So, what are the causes of this treatment that is seen at almost all ages today and is being treated?

  • Excess weight

  • Still life
  • Excessive stress
  • Irregular nutrition
  • Diabetes history from the past is among the main causes.

Treatment of Diabetes

There are two type of diabets. In type 1 diabets, people can survive with the help of insulin needle and medication. In type 2 diabetes, people can only keep sugar in order with the help of medication. Although diabetics successfully administer medication and insulin therapy, they need to pay attention to their eating habits. Many physicians take regular walks to diabetics and recommend them to drink plenty of water. Regular sport and taking pills regularly can balance the diabet levet in normally limits. When the diabete was not treated, It can cause kidney loss, damage to the feet, vision loss and even death.

Author : Onur – Ekip 5

Translator – Aysel GÖZEY

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