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The Teleportation Technology Has Been Succeeded Finally

The Teleportation Technology Has Been Succeeded Finally

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The teleportation technology is a technology which has been searched and planned to be useable by scientists for a long time. By the using this technology, to teleport from one point to another in a light speed is planned. Studies are continued to teleport not only substances but also people.

At the beginning of the year of 2020, Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark gave information about the new teleportation technology they were working on. They explained that they used quantum teleportation technology using quantum energy. They stated that they have succeeded to teleport from a microchip to another by using this technology and they revealed the improvement of the teleportation.

Is it Possible to Teleport of Material and Human?

The teleportation technology which is published by movie directors in the cinema field, has been developed day by day. Human and material teleportation are observed in a huge interest in the cinema films by people. In the movies, people can reach with their total body from one point to another in a few seconds.

In this century, although people and material has been not teleported yet, scientists have sent data due to their studies. This data transferring between two distant and disconnected chips is interpreted as hopeful steps for the future. The data transmission between chips has been done by using a substructure equipped with quantum technology. In this method, two distance pieces can have communication with each other. So, data transmission can be done without connection need.

This development has revived the thesis that substances can also be teleported thanks to future technological studies. The teleportation technology which had started by a dream, showed promising results, coming to the point of data teleportation.

Chinese scientists explained that they had send photon to scape and was successful in 2017. They had done this teleportation to the first quantum satellite of the world. These types of studies have been done not only in these days but also in past; which takes important notes to today. Scientists had succeeded to teleport data between space and chips. In the future, studies are ongoing for teleportation of substances and people. The teleportation technology is developing day by day. We will see together what the future will show.



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