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There is a Discussion About Android Operation System

There is a Discussion About Android Operation System

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently announced that the Android operating system has given more deficits in 2019 than other operating systems. The operating system has given totally 414 security bugs. There is Debian Linux at the second order in the list with 360 security bugs while Windows Server 2016 is on the third order with 357 bugs.

Security vulnerabilities from 1999 until 2019 are announced in the meeting. Debian Linux 3067 with vulnerability at the top of the list from the year of 1999. The Android operating system is at the second point in the list with a total of 2563 vulnerabilities, while Linux Kernel ranks third with 2357 vulnerabilities. Well, how to make Android operating system more secure? Let’s examine this very curious question together.

Use Screen Lock Instead of Fingerprint Technology on Android Phones

The fingerprint technology has been used in almost every smartphone. Although it is seeming as a secure technology, some malicious software can copy your fingerprint without your permission. For not being face with these types of problems, it is absolutely necessary to use the screen lock option for extra security.

Antivirus Software is Obligatory

In these days, so many applications can be set up on smartphones. Although Google Play applications are secure, some users may download APK files. These types of files, named third part application, may have some unwanted software in them. Because of this dangerous software, your personal information may be stolen. For not being face with these types of problems, you must set up an antivirus software to your phone.

Don’t Trust Every Application

Some applications which are published in recent days, can want to achieve to users’ message lists, photo gallery and directory. Users sometimes accept this claim without realizing. Applications that contain malware can steal all your information and blackmail you. In order not to encounter such situations, you should definitely follow which application requests which permissions and act according to the situation.

Although the steps seen at the above are seem as so simple, they are known as very important steps. Attention to such fine details is of great importance for the future to ensure Android security.


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