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Video Capsule Colonoskopy in the Diagnosis of Intestine Cancer

Video Capsule Colonoskopy  in  the  Diagnosis of Intestine Cancer

Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association organized an event in Ankara. Subject of event was ‘’Large Intestine Cancer Awareness’’

In this event President of The Association Ayhan Kuzu said that, incidence of colon cancer among young people has increased in recent years.

Cancer is the second death reason in Turkey. Nearly 15.000 colon cancer cases ocur in a year. Much of this cancers are colon cancer or regnum cancer. For this reason, 7 Thousand 200 people die annually.

At the same event Cem Terzi Member of the Board of the Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association recommends, to stay away from The Western Type of nutrition and return to Turkish cuisine. He also recommends to eat bacon instead of sausage.

And he added, person who insists prefering Western Diet, he will be suffered to obesity, type -2 diabetes, cancer and some other chronic diseases. But the help of Turkey’s traditional nutrition, Turkish society wil save themselves from being fat and cancer.

He contunied, ‘’This is a decision  of state level. If you open the way for ready food consumption and if you open for the processed meat consumption because it is cheap and ready ,especially poor people prefer to eat ready-made food. As a result of this  obesity , cancer and chronic diseases will increase in population.

Colon cancer has a direkt link between nutrition. There for if we consume so much salami, sausage, ready made pizza, burgers rates of cancer and obesity wil increase. Especially salami ,sausage or burgers are really harmfull for your health. This foods causes colon cancer and other chronic disease. We have to be careful about this. Regular control is very important for early diagnosis Colon cancer.

 Large intestine cancer is the third  most common type of cancer in  both men and women.

New Diagnose Techniques

Colon cancer is one of the cancers that screening programme save lives.  Especially for those with a family history of cancer. Professor Dr. Cengiz Pata underlines new genetic tests and new generation diagnostic technology are extremely important for  patients an physicians.

There are innovations in this issue besides the occult blood test in stool used in the diagnosis of colon cancer. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Para said that ‘’Tests base on protein measurement in feces are very new .

For this reason it has not been used widely yet. But will be included in the diagnosis in the coming years.’’

Video Capsule Colonoskopy 

Another innovation in diagnostic methods is ‘’Video Capsule Colonoskopy’’

In fact some people are afraid of having a colonoscopy, although it is not a difficult procedure.  For this reason capsule colonoscopy provides great conveniance.

This special device which is about the size of a dry bean grain and has two cameras. Patient swallows this device. The images obtained by the camera are transferred to the computer in size of your cell phone during the travel of the capsule in the intestines.  After the procedure we are not chasing the capsule by watching the video images created by the computer in your waist. The development of polyps or the different disease can be easily seen.

The diagnostic sensitivity of the new generation capsules is about % 90 -95.

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