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Ways to Get Rid of Feeling Guilty Always

Ways to Get Rid of Feeling Guilty Always

Continuously blaming yourself from your mind will harm to your mental and physical health seriously. You may need to train your brain to avoid feeling guilty continuously. In this article, some important information are explained how do you orient your opinions by educating yourself.

Stop Blame

Not always everything may go as we want. In these situations, we search someone to make blame. Often we become the candidate to be accused of the nearest subject. For this reason, we quickly blame ourselves, but this has no benefit neither for us nor for the solution of the events.

Do not forget that it is always chaotic in the world and the wrong things are caused by some different factors. Fran Walfish, a psychotherapist working in Beverly Hills, says that you should not be burdened with the outcome of the events. In some cases, regardless of how much you have been dealing with, take into account that things will go bad and the outcome can be bad, and consider it a natural aspect of life.Don’t feel guilty .

Get to the Origin of Your Criminality

Analyze yourself spiritually. Try to understand why do you feel guilty. Look at this point, there is a small detail. Do not think about why you are guilty. Think about why do you think that you are guily and what are the factors leed to you thinking like this.

Examine for yourself why you are not doing something you have to do. Did other people criticize you in this event? Could you do anything  beside you did not want to do? In real, you can know what is good for yourself and your family. So analyze your feeling guilty and decide to the effective solutions about your real life.

Keep Guilt Journal

When the feeling guilty wants to show itself, take not this on a notebook. Write on your notebook when did you feel guilty, why did you feel like that and the time period of this feeling. Than, return to these notes and  read them frequently. Look for clues that point to the pattern that lies beneath your guilt.

Give Yourself Time to Rest

When you think you need to have a holiday and go on vacation, you can never take a vacation if you constantly calculate how you can be more active and productive during this time. With these thoughts beginning to form in your brain, remember why you made this decision to take a vacation. Remember that you need to gather some strength and renew, getting rid of the torment and worries of daily life.

Your Priority Should Be Yourself

Selfcaring is not selfishness. We fall down to feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. But it should not be forgotten that it is not important to just look at yourself. By looking at yourself, you can take care of your loved ones as much as you protect your health.

Think about using the oxygen mask provided on the plane, you are asked to wear it first. If you breathe first, you can help others breathe.

Correct Your Mistakes

We continue to our mistakes due to not correcting our mistakes. According to Jackson, spend the time you spend to feel guilty to acknowledge and correct the error, making it much more profitable.

Behavie Yourself As You Act To Your Close Friend

One of the things that can be done to easily tolerate or forgive yourself is to look at what you think is a mistake through the eyes of others. Do not confuse the point of view here, it is not talked about looking objectively. It is talked about how you approach the problem of a friend you love. Would you like your close friend to internalize their feelings for a mistake he made?

The truth of the matter is that; you may be more difficult to yourself than you are to everyone. For this reason, get to know yourself the option of tolerance you have for others.

Realize That You Are Not Always Wrong

Others’ reactions may lead to feel yoursel guily even if you are not a fault. For example your sad friend call to you and you did not communicate with her and you want to stay alone.

Saying  No is not a bad thing. It is a method that should be used to determine its limits and protect your mental health. If you do not feel too pressured, you can be much better and more understanding towards your friends or close friends.

Forgive Yourself

After doing everything you can for anything, it is time to forgive yourself. If you think that you demage someone, apologize to him, write a letter or promise to be change. If you feel a possitive attraction from your friend, you have less difficulty for avoiding to yourself to forgive yourself. 

Walfish says try to say no at least once a day. By doing this, you regain control of your life. Every time you refuse the extra burden to be given to you, you will realize over time that it is unnecessary to feel guilty.

Look at the Future not to Back

Diving into thinking about things you can’t change will only cause you harm because of your emotions. According to Jackson Walfish, guilty is a past origined feeling. To cope with this, focus on what do you want in the future. Do not forget never your priorities. Set targets for your life. Plan for doing importent things for you. The best way  not to be in the past is that go ahead. Consider and learn how you can use them to beautify your own life or other people’s life by learning from your past mistakes.

Learn Someone Else’s Perspective

If you are loading yourself for a particular event, talk to a friend or relative about what happened at the time. You may remember events incorrectly or incompletely. A loved one of you can help you to evaluate the events better and to see your actions more forgiving.

Avoid the Blamings 

You are the only one with control over you. So don’t let your parents, spouse or boss make you feel terrible and direct your reactions. Sincerely apologize. Make changes if necessary, but do not let someone else make a description of your mistake.

You are solely responsible for the emotions you will feel when the day ends.

Set Your Priorities

No matter your spouse, career, children or health, set 3 top priorities for you. If you do not do this, you may feel guilty about what you did not do. When you feel guilty, look at your 3-point list of your priorities, if the issue is out of these 3, do not care …

Consider Ways To Make It Up When You Make a Mistake

You may not be skilled in all areas. But you have various abilities that you can present to the environment. What you can do is important. You may not always be able to cook healthy meals, but you may never miss important encounters of children. Even if you are not very romantic, your partner feels confident that you are with you. Consider these.

For Breaking Feeling Guilty, List Your Possitive Features 

You are probably the worst critic yourself. So it is very easy to ignore what you do well, focusing on your mistakes. However, if you feel safe and happy with yourself, your resistance against the inner critic increases. Write 10 positive things about yourself. Check out the list when you feel inadequate.

Being Moderate is Good

Walfish says don’t feel guilty because of your tolerance. Dark chocolate is useful. Popcorn is a fiber food. Do not control yourself too tightly. Small getaways in a row won’t add you 10 kilos. So allow yourself to enjoy the small luxuries of life.

Take Time for Feeling Guilty Yourself

Allow some time for guilt feelings to come to you. Then fix this problem. (for example, talk to your close friends or mom or go to the gym) Perceive this as an experienced lesson and forgive yourself

Accept That There are Something You Cannot Control 

Accept that you are only a human. Donot try to carry the Worlds’ problems. Accept that you cannot solve all problems.

To sum up, live your life. Feeling guilty is poisining the life.

Translator: Aysel GÖZEY

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