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Women Will Save the World – 8 March International Women’s Day Special Speech

Women Will Save the World – 8 March International Women’s Day Special Speech

Year was 1857. The place was USA, New York. 40 thousand women textile workers went on a march to request working conditions. The security forces, which could not cope with this great uprising of women and found the solution as keeping them in the factory. 120 women who couldnot pass to the borders in front of the factory, was died by burning. There were more than 10 thousand participants in the funeral of women workers. Since that day, International Women’s Day has been celebrated and working women are remembered.

Even though the 63 years that have passed have evolved the meaning and importance of this special day in other directions, the main theme has not been changed: the woman .

So how does it feel to be a woman? Here are the thoughta about being a woman from different parts of the world:

Gül – Teacher – Turkey

Being a woman is being a light. To shape the future is to increase knowledge and reduce ignorance. To be a good example for young people at home and at school.

Martha – Housewife – England

Being a woman is happiness.  To share your happiness, to achieve your wishes and to increase the beauty. It is to make efforts and to pay for your labor.

Fatıma – Housewife – Syria

Being a woman is so difficult. Being a mother is being a spouse and self-sacrificing. Protecting someone else’s baby like your own is to keep them away from evil. Being a woman is difficult.

Emma – Accountant – the USA

Being a woman is being so strong. To be able to resist everything and succeed everyone. Although being a woman is sometimes difficult, being determined is something in every woman’s dough. That’s why being a woman is a success.

Akemi – Engineer – China

Being a woman is primarily a pride. To raise children who will change the world and to make better their lives day by day.

Angelina – Doctor – Finland

Being a woman is change. No woman can count where she is. She cannot survive without development. She cannot escape from her environment and children from things she will learn.

Being a woman is being open to innovation that she will encounter every day and having to adapt this innovation to her life. That is why being a woman is development and change, and that is why being woman is being the saviors of the world.

So being a woman means saving the world. Women will save the world, knowing it is working.

Happy 8th March International Women’s Day.




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